"okay, I am SO into these two together…" YESSS I AM NOT ALONE IN THE WORLD!

Ahahah, okay so about 3 years ago I went through this intense Askars phase coinciding with the second season of true blood.  Usually my infatuation phases last a lonnnnnnng time (see JGL & THardy & Jessica Chastain & Ellen Page & Inception & (sadly) Supernatural for references), but Sweedie only lasted about 6 months.

I fucking L O V E Brit Marling.  LOVEEEEEE HER.  I’ve loved her since Another Earth, which I adored (I only wish the professor hadn’t been such a creepy lookin’ dude).

I never expected to have such intense feelings seeing these two together, BUT SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEIT, I WANT IT.  I am SO blarggg about Kate Bosworth that I think him dating her really put a kabosh on any lingering interest I had in him (that and the fact that true blood is just THE WORST these days), but this movie + her + him = AMAZEBALLS.


  1. nolongerdt said: DAMN GIRL. me too. i’ve never really been into Askars, like, AT ALL EVER. but there is something so appealing about these two beautiful blonde people, and their cuddling/wedding reception looking portraits are NOT HELPING MATTERS AT ALL. i want RPF!
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